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Your family just keeps growing and growing, but your house just doesn’t seem to be getting the hint. If only houses grew as they got older too! If you feel cramped for space and there’s just nowhere to turn to for a little extra breathing room, it may be time to consider adding on an addition to the home. The great thing about an addition is that you have the freedom to make it your own space from top to bottom. So what space do you need most? What room is lacking the thing you’d really love to incorporate if you had more space?

Maybe you like the idea of a new master suite so you can give one of the kids their own bedroom instead of sharing a bunk-bed with a sibling. Starting from scratch and building your own master suite means that you can add higher ceilings and maybe some decorative beams. You could even put a fireplace in your bedroom and share it with the new master bathroom. If your old bedroom had barely enough room for your queen size bedroom set, you can add the space you need to make it comfortable or upgrade to a king size. On top of that, you might include a new walk-in closet that gives you all the space you need to properly organize and store your entire wardrobe.

You might be ready for that dream kitchen you’ve always wanted. You could give yourself enough room for a large island with seating, new/added appliances, and more cabinetry needed for the storage space you’re lacking. Or if you host large family gatherings and dinner parties, you might want to expand the limits of your kitchen, living room, or dining room to make the space comfortable for everyone who walks through the door. A new dining room might make sense if you’re looking to make space for a larger dining table and a buffet area.

Another popular kind of addition is a 4-seasons room or sun porch. If you have beautiful views outside or just simply enjoy letting the outdoors in, you might consider adding one of these. Large screens or windows lining the walls allow plenty of sunlight through while keeping mosquitoes, bees, and flies outside.

Or maybe you have your own personal business and are ready for a suitable home office space. We can build built-in shelving units tailored to your needs and style and add dimmable lighting to provide you with an environment that’s comfortable and conducive to getting work done. You can add a fireplace to the space to keep it warm and enjoy the soothing crackling of burning firewood in the background.

Whatever sort of addition you’re ready for, we’ll make sure it’s done right. It will be designed to integrate with your existing home as if it’s always been there. Our process is well thought out and organized to make sure permits are pulled, inspections are completed, and everything is done according to building standards. When we breach your existing walls for the first time, we’ll have already prepared dust containment barriers and flooring protection making sure that the job site and outdoors don’t make their way into your living space.


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Client Testimonials

“I was very satisfied with Dodson Builders. Peter Dodson and his project manager provided excellent customer service, great follow up and detail. I would highly recommend them for any remodels and home construction projects.”

Patty Sadoian

“Dodson Builders Construction was very easy to work with and the job looks great!”

Lyle Vargas

“When my husband and I decided to remodel our second bathroom, we knew that hiring a contractor was in our best interest; we’d remodeled our kitchen a number of years ago and ran into numerous issues due to subcontracting the work ourselves. As you might imagine, the kitchen experience was a nightmare. But not this time! Peter was the obvious choice for us: a man of integrity who believes in providing his customers with the results they’re hoping for at a reasonable and realistic cost. Our boy’s new bathroom is beautiful!”

Joanne Cummins

“Dodson Builders Construction Inc. provided services involving replacing our water heater and repairing a nearby wall that had sustained water damage. The wall repair and the water heater replacement were completed in a timely fashion and with an excellent quality of work!”

Catherine Hanson

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